Messy Life Podcast

MESSY LIFE PODCAST: JULY 1st Casey & I hit the air. It’s us, the Johnson’s, like you’ve never heard before. July 1: Laugh with us. Cry with us. In one of the most transparent and courageous endeavors we’ve ever taken. Life is messy. But in the mess, we have found our message (and our voice). […]

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I ❤️ Imperfect People

I ❤️ IMPERFECT PEOPLE: Before we can love the imperfect people in our lives – that’s pretty much everyone, including you😉 – well, we have to love a PERFECT PERSON. Who’s that? God. There’s no substitute for spending time allowing the words of God impact our lives and allowing the the very present Author reveal […]

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Pray the Worry Away

If you have time to worry, you have time to pray. George Herbert said, “Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.” Start your day with prayer and end it with prayer. When you have clarity – light – pray and boldly move forward. When fear and confusion cloud […]

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Stop Fighting Life

In every confrontation you face, there is at least a grain of truth latent within it. Mine deeply for this truth. If a friend has the courage to confront you, it’s because they love you. If an enemy confronts you…though difficult, there is an opportunity to learn. Either way, don’t be defensive. Listen. Learn. Be […]

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Why I Pray

Each morning, the first words whispered from my mouth are “I love you, Lord.” Prayer is my lifeline. Often when I wake up, my mind races through all that must be accomplished that day. If I don’t start praying, it’s not long before I’m standing in the dreary shadows of Stress & Anxiety. Praying the Psalms – whispering the Word – speaking Truth to the lies, beats back the barrage, fills me with strength and reclaims my joy.

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The tomb was EMPTY, so YOU wouldn’t have to be. Jesus spoke not one word during the flogging, the beating and the mockery. He was silent when the crown of thorns was pressed into his skull and the nails were hammered through his hands and feet. Through all the physical pain, Jesus never said a […]

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Don’t Wrestle Pigs

Carey Nieuwhof said “Don’t wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig liked it.” In other words, healthy leaders know that when certain folks consistently try to start fights with them or constantly criticize them, no matter what they do or say, the best thing they can do is NOT engage in […]

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