Starting Something New

When you start something new, start it with friends. For me, it starts with prayer. I turn to my Creator. I journal. I pace. I cry out for direction. This centers me. This gets not only my heart, but my gut right. Then, I write what I hear, envision & see down. Starting something new […]

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Dream On (Part 1)

In the beginning, God had a dream. His dream was you. So he planned, prepared, went through the process of producing a hospitable habitat for humanity (for you). The Old Testament book of Genesis records that it took God six days to do this. On the sixth day, He crowned his creation by creating the human-race. […]

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Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 4)

Humility is compassionate, but humility also has a hard edge. There is a time and place where compassion must yield. Where does a humble leader draw the line? A leader draws the line where compassion and conviction collide. A humble leader should always respond with gracious poise, but must never veer from their priorities and […]

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Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 3)

Humility is necessary for a leader to get to the top and stay there. The book of Genesis, in the Old Testament, recounts a pharaoh who was awakened by a recurring nightmare. As a intuitive leader he recognized that something strange was happening. As a self-aware leader he acknowledged his unease with the dreams, but […]

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Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 2)

Work Hard. Stay humble. (Part 2) In a million ways, leadership means responsibility. If you are leading anything, than you are ultimately responsible for it’s growth (or lack thereof). A wise leader understands that growing (developing) your team is how organizational growth occurs. Growing people and growing your organization are inseparable. If you want to […]

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Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 1)

Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 1) Humility is a leaders greatest tool. Humility can turn adversity into opportunities to build trust. And trust, is the currency of leadership. Influence (leadership) ceases to exist without trust. People do not follow those they don’t trust. Do you? Now being trustworthy as a leader, doesn’t mean you’ll lead […]

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