Starting Something New

When you start something new, start it with friends. For me, it starts with prayer. I turn to my Creator. I journal. I pace. I cry out for direction. This centers me. This gets not only my heart, but my gut right. Then, I write what I hear, envision & see down. Starting something new […]

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The Advantage

The difference between successful organizations and mediocre or unsuccessful ones, has less to do with how “smart” they are and has everything to do with how healthy they are. How can you tell if your company, non-profit or church is healthy? It will experience very little confusion and politics, high levels of morale and productivity, […]

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Meet Erika Bogan!

Meet Erika Bogan! She’s sheer inspiration. She’s an athlete, Crossfiter, a single mom of three and recently finished her first Spartan race! To know Erika, is to be inspired. . A heinous car wreck altered her life; but it could not keep her from living it. She does not view her challenges as a DISADVANTAGE. […]

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Don’t Wrestle Pigs

Carey Nieuwhof said “Don’t wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig liked it.” In other words, healthy leaders know that when certain folks consistently try to start fights with them or constantly criticize them, no matter what they do or say, the best thing they can do is NOT engage in […]

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Lions & Little Dogs

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. (This is no front, rather a reality of physics.) Sadly, most haters don’t hate you, they really hate themselves. They take their self-loathing out on you, because you’re a reflection of what they wish they were. Don’t turn around when these small dogs bark. […]

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Johnny Cash & Me

Over a decade ago, I was speaking at a large event in Las Vegas. After sharing a message from the platform, I came backstage to rest in the green room. Shortly after, Don, Elvis’s brother in-law, came in and said to me, “Do you know who was listening to you?” I said, “No. Who?” He  […]

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