In Time of Test, Family is Best!

In time of test, family is best. In my hardest challenges, I want these three in my corner. They are the greatest gift God has given me.

My dearest wife, is the most loving person I know. She teaches me to be other-centered and a better friend. My son, gets me out of my work and into his world. In so many ways, he’s the male version of Casey. She’s my best friend and has given me a son who’s as easy to hang out with as her. My daughter, in many ways, is a mini-me. She’s fiery, fun, good hearted and a leader. She’s as brave as she is bold. She stole my heart the day she was born and has all of my attention, heart & soul.

When the chips are down, I’d bet on this crew every time. 🎲 😀

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