Almost 10 months ago now, I took a huge leap of FAITH. I launched out on my own, transitioning from being a campus pastor, to do what I could only see through the eyes of belief.

It was (and is) risky. I have a beautiful wife and two wondrous children I love and adore and know need stability and provision.

But I couldn’t shake the vision in my heart. The dream I buried kept crawling out from the grave so to speak. There are arenas to be filled, lives to be transformed and books to be written. But I have very real and present family responsibilities…

So I prayed like I never had before and took a leap into the unknown…knowing that while provision is necessary for my kids, seeing their father press into the promise God had placed inside him was just as so.

For the last 10 months, God has miraculously provided for me and my family-not one “paycheck” has been missed. I am humbled and in awe of his faithfulness. If you’d like to discover what I’m up to and what great things God is doing through the Johnson’s you can discover more at

In my spirit I feel this is going to be a year of abundance and believe this is going to be a year of miracles. 2020 is our year to take back our story and write brave new endings.


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