7 Rules for Dads with Daughters:

Reagan and me.

1. Love her Mother well. Treat her mom with respect, honor, and affection.

2. Be there. As much as possible be there for those important events, moments and days. Years later, she won’t remember what present you bought her, she’ll remember if you were present.

3. Pray for her. Fiercely & regularly.

4. Tell her she’s beautiful-all the time-in a million different ways. If you don’t validate her beauty, she will unhealthily seek out that validation from other males.

5. Give her the gift of experiences. Take her places and show her she’s special by making memories together.

6. Pursue her. Even when she “pushes you away…” find creative ways to let her know you care and that she has you’re attention. Ask her questions about what’s she’s interested in? Spend time in her world and the things she loves.

7. Learn her main “love languages” and express your love in the way she receives it. (e.g. quality time, gifts, physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation)

I’m not a perfect dad to my daughter. These rules are a few guidelines to help me be a better father to the girl who will one day be a woman. I hope they help you as well!

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