So I’m working on my book proposal. I’ll by handing it to an editor on Thursday.

As I mentioned in my last post about my journey, a good non-fiction book proposal will include 3 Sections: 1.) The Content, 2.) The Market and 3.) The Author. I’ll be sharing about the Content section in today’s post.

The Content section answers the Question, “What is the book about?”

It includes the books premise, it’s unique selling proposition and overview of the book.

Let me talk about the “overview”for a minute. (I’m working on writing this right now.) As a general rule, a nonfiction book should include at least three sections: 1.) description of the problem or need, 2.) presentation of the solution, and 3.) amplification of the solution through concrete applications.

So my overview will follow this train of thought. It will be a page or two description of the need, the remedy and it’s application.

So I’d love your prayers on this book proposal. Pray that it will all coalesce together seamlessly and that I’d be represented by the right agent (for me) and find a publishing house that is also the best fit for me. 🙏🏽

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