In 90 DAYS THE MANUSCRIPT IS COMPLETE! … kind of. We have now entered the EDITING PHASE. This is where the real fun begins, in my opinion anyway. Creating is fun, but it’s hard work. You’re pulling thoughts from the “unseen” realm and translating them into words in the “seen” realm.

Now that they are out, they must be organized so that other’s can process them easily. They must also be entertaining so people desire to keep reading. Each chapter must have a hook to help the reader wants to continue on the journey with you. You must paint the picture of where you are taking them and portray the value of the final destination.

Editing is a team sport. You must have other skilled eyes looking at your work.

In the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, I’m an ENFP. I especially need ISTJ personality types to help organize my thoughts. (IF YOU’RE UNFAMILIAR WITH MYERS-BRIGGS, Casey & I teach how to maximize this tool on our later episode of MESSY LIFE PODCAST. CLICK the LINK in my BIO to listen now.)

So the heavy lifting is done! Now on to the final editing stages!

Pre-orders of the book have surpassed my expectations. Thank you for your amazing support of this project. If you’d like to order one please ⚠️ ⚠️

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