Well, I turned in my manuscript to the editor. 🎉 It was like 100lbs. was lifted! It’s a huge sigh of relief…for a while. (Until my editor returns it back to me bloodied with red ink – of this I am sure!)

When I started this 90 DAY BOOK JOURNEY, I knew it was an aggressive goal and I didn’t know how it was going to turn out or if I’d even be able to accomplish it in that time frame.

BUT TODAY, I have a 55,000 word manuscript sitting in front of me. In these pages, I’ve poured out my heart and soul. I’ve faced my deepest fears and write vulnerably about my weaknesses and shortcomings. Things Jesus has turned – and is turning around – for his glory.

Additionally, the manuscript has attracted the attention of some traditional publishing houses. We’ll see how that turns out. It’s in God’s hands.

So today I celebrate this accomplishment. I’ll be posting to keep you abreast of the editing process, asking your opinion on the cover design and keeping you in the know on the release date.

So here’s where you can help me. I would like to release the book through a traditional publisher. I’ve reached out to several agents now. Pray I get paired with the perfect agent for me and the work God is doing through my writing. Your prayers would be the greatest gift, I could ever receive.

Here’s to seeing lives transformed, hearts heal and the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth!!!.

Pre-orders of the book have surpassed my expectations. Thank you for your amazing support of this project. If you’d like to order one please ⚠️click the LINK in my BIO or go to ⚠️

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