“Vows begin when hope dies” said Leonardo da Vinci. Inner vows set the trajectory of your life.

Dr. Joel and Casey talk about some of the inner vows they’ve made.

Some are good vows and have positive results, but, conversely, negative vows yield negative results.

If you have found yourself going through the same kind of scenarios over and over again… it may be time to “do your work” and investigate if you’ve might have unknowingly made a negative vow along the way.

In this episode, Casey and I talk about: – How inner vows are established and the effect they can have on your life.

– How to identify negative vows.

– How to break negative inner vows.

– How to create positive inner vows

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Dr. Joel Johnson

Dr. Joel Johnson is the President of Joel Johnson Ministries (501(c)3 Charity) and founder of the Dark Horse Initiative. Dark Horse’s vision is to see “every underdog an overcomer” and exists to “inspire underdogs to actualize their highest potential” through the Five Pillars of transformation: Faith, Friends, Family, Fitness, and Finances.Donate Now

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