John Eldredge and Me

John welcomed me inside of his home. He asked if I’d like a cup of tea. He poured hot water over the loose black tea piled high in strainers above the mugs. He invited me to sit on his brown leather couch located in the living room. I sat down and was greeted by his […]

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Wow! Time is flying! I’m almost halfway to 90 days!!! My editor is still going through my rough draft and I’m working on the last chapters. I’m going to take a few days off writing and hang with the family this weekend. I’m going to breath and come back with fresh eyes.

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So… I don’t have my rough draft totally written now. Things change as you write. So there’s a few more chapters left to write. Some ideas that need to be communicated to tie things together. The positive in all this is that I have the chapters that are currently NOT written yet, outlined. So now […]

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