Learn to Live

LIVE to learn and you will really learn to LIVE! . What are you learning? What are you learning today that you’ll thank yourself for in the future? Pay the price now and play later or you will play now and pay later. Either way – you will have to pay – the choice of […]

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Writing a Book in 90 days.

It’s me, preparing to write a new book (in 90 days)! On August 1, I’ll start writing the rough draft. On September 1, I’ll start editing/revising the finished rough draft. On October 1, I’ll have the cover and interior art done, have editors make final edits and get the book finalized by Nov. 1. The […]

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The Brian Tee!

THE BRIAN TEE: This is the first shirt in our MESSY LIFE LINE! Each shirt bears a quote from MESSY LIFE PODCAST that “spoke” to one of our listeners – so powerfully – that they REACHED OUT to us to share their story of life-change! WE NAME EACH SHIRT AFTER THAT LISTENER (with their permission […]

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