Starting Something New

When you start something new, start it with friends. For me, it starts with prayer. I turn to my Creator. I journal. I pace. I cry out for direction. This centers me. This gets not only my heart, but my gut right. Then, I write what I hear, envision & see down.

Starting something new means you have to see the unseen and then work to pull those unseen things into the seen.

Big dreams – God-sized-dreams – can only be accomplished with others – with friends.

It starts with my best friend Casey. If I have peace in my heart and she’s on board, I know it will succeed. In her, God gave me the best teammate, confidant lover and friend.

Next, I need a group of friends who believe in me enough to believe the impossible with me. With these, I have been so rarely blessed. They pray for me. They encourage me. They support me every step of the way. Oh, the pray hardcore for prayers they pray for me! (I need them!) They invest in me and they put their neck on the line for me. I have no words… I ride or die with these.

This is how I start something new, with the old. With the Ancient of Days (God), with my oldest & truest of friend, Casey, and my friends who have been by my side every step of the way. This is how dreams are brought to life!

Cultivate friendships and bring what you see – in the unseen – into the seen with them. This is one of the greatest joys you’ll ever have….as it is mine!

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