The tomb was EMPTY, so YOU wouldn’t have to be.

Jesus spoke not one word during the flogging, the beating and the mockery. He was silent when the crown of thorns was pressed into his skull and the nails were hammered through his hands and feet. Through all the physical pain, Jesus never said a thing. The Bible describes Christ’s actions like this: “like a lamb that is silent before his shearers.” Jesus had that kind of self-control and poise. He was strong enough to take it.

In all the suffering, all the pain, Jesus was silent. Then, like a shot in the dark, he thunders, “My God, my God…why have you forsaken me?” (Isaiah 53:7, Acts 8:32).

Why? Something new is happening. He is experiencing a new kind of pain, a new category of suffering. It is more painful than any physical torture he has thus endured. It must be something more torturous than the thorns and the nails, because he doesn’t cry, “My head, my head.” He doesn’t cry, “My hands, my hands” or “My feet, my feet.” He cries, “My God, my God. . . .” What has changed? What is he screaming about? He is screaming out about the separation from God that he’s experiencing.

Have you ever been separated from someone you couldn’t live without? Or have you lost someone you loved so much that when they left or passed away you felt emotionally marooned, deserted or stranded? What’s the right word? It’s “forsaken.” Yes, Jesus felt forsaken. He could take the physical pain in silence, but the pain of this spiritual separation from his Heavenly Father was too agonizing to bear. He couldn’t keep quiet. He screamed out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus was separated from God . . . so we could be reconnected to God. .

Jesus chose to DIE, so we could have LIFE. The tomb was EMPTY, so WE wouldn’t have to be.

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