The Night I Fell in Love

I remember that night like it happened yesterday. It was the night I fell head-over-heels in love with Casey. A group of friends and I were hanging out at her apartment. Casey and I were sitting across the kitchen table discussing some of our favorite scriptures. As she opened her Bible and read a few verses that had recently peaked her interest. Something began to peak mine. I found myself not concentrating on the verses, but rather, on the way her beautiful brown eyes followed the lines of text she was reading. 

            “Wow,” I thought. “Those are the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen.” She looked up at me momentarily. I hadn’t heard one word she said, but I, nonetheless, nodded my head and said, “Hmm, that was really great.” I was completely distracted by the way her long black eyelashes batted when she blinked. They were amazing, like twin ships sailing over glassy amber pools. 

            She continued, “Even youth grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope …” I was thinking, “I really like how her lips pucker when she pronounces P-sounds.” She was wearing some sort of chapstick or lip-gloss that made them slightly shimmer. Whatever it was, her lips were definitely looking easy-breezy-beautiful! “… in the Lord will renew their strength.” 

 I thought, “Man, I could study the Bible with her all day!” And then, “Joel, grab a hold of yourself! She’s reading Scripture for goodness sake … wow, she really does have lovely brown hair.” And then I said to myself, “Joel, you’d be an idiot not to marry this girl!” 

            I was seriously confused. Why were all these thoughts overriding my regularly rational thought process? We discussed the scriptures for a little while, and then shortly after I left, something wild was happening in my heart. I had never felt this way about anyone before. As the old owl in Bambi concluded, “Everyone gets twitterpated.” It was now happening to me.

August 7, 2019, we will have been married 15 years.

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