Billy Graham’s Grave

As of late, I’ve been going to the Billy Graham Library. God has been speaking to me through this Prophet’s life & legacy. Here’s a picture of his grave sight. Even though Billy’s body is dead, God is still speaking to millions through the life he lived. Here’s what God is speaking to me today through it.

Your miracle is never in what you lost – it’s in what you have left!

If all you have left is one bowl of meal, that’s all you need. If all you have left is two fish and five loaves of bread, you have more than enough! Like the widow in the Old Testament, you might be down to one last container of oil, but the Lord has created more capacity for you to pour out, improve upon, and increase what you have left.

Start looking at what remains and cease grieving over what you’ve lost.

After all, if you needed what God took from you, do you really think the Lord would have desired to take it?

For where God is taking you, you don’t need the weight – the leftovers – of yesterday’s bread. The Master has a plan for your life, and the journey doesn’t require the extra baggage of last season’s blessings.

If your Creator, in all His foresight, took from you what would weigh you down during the next leg of your journey, why would you seek ways to reacquire it or retaliate against those God used to take it? In pruning you, the Lord is helping you. He’s tailoring your life down to carry only what you need to get out where He wants you to go.

Why? God knows that the blessing of last season’s harvest can ensnare you and become a graveyard for your future.

You are FREE! You are ALIVE!

⚡️Leave the GRAVE-CLOTHES of YESTERDAY and LIVE in the perfection of what God has LEFT!!!⚡️

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