Meet the 5th Grade Me!

MEET THE 5th GRADE ME! I weighed nearly 200lbs. in the above picture. I topped out at 250lbs. in the 8th grade. Maintaining a healthy weight has always been a struggle for me. Loose 10lbs….gain 15lbs. Loose 20lbs….gain 10lbs. The weight loss carousel has never stopped for me. I’ve gained and lost more pounds – over the years – than I’ve ever weighed at any single point in time.

At the beginning of October, I weighed myself…225lbs. appeared on the display of my digital scale. Just for reference, I weighed 185lbs. when I married Casey. I’m more muscular now than then, but not 40lbs. more muscular. (Smile.) I had fallen back into that sick-cycle again… Please understand, that it’s not for a lack of exercise. I was running 3 miles, 4 to 5 days a week (and lifting weights several days a week as well). (In the past 2 years I’ve logged more than 600 miles on my Nike run app.) How could I be gaining weight while expending so much energy? So frustrating, right?! The story of my life!

My Saboteur, emotional eating and late night refrigerator rendezvous. Nutritionally speaking, I’ve lived a double life. Eating heroically by day and villainously at night. I needed to get out of this downward spiral – stop the pendulum – return to Jekyll – vanquish Hyde – all that…

I needed help, an eating intervention! So that’s what I’ve done. A few weeks ago, I joined an eating & exercise accountability group. Humbling? A little. Effective? Impeccably. Through balanced eating and exercise AND a whole lot of encouragement, I’ve lost 10lbs in 12 days (and I even ate bread while doing so 🙌🏼). Accountability is the key to unlocking those cycles-that-shackle us. I’m so grateful for my accountability crew! You are the best of the best! We are truly BETTER TOGETHER. (Oh, for some extra accountability, I’d love to have your help as well. I’m aiming for 199lbs. Once I reach that goal, I’ll reevaluate my health landscape from there.) See you then!

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