Dream On (Part 2)

Dreams develop daily, not in a day. Dreams develop in the process of time.

Think about these Biblical dreamers:

  • Noah – Noah is given a dream – to save humanity and the animal kingdom. It took 120 yrs. 
  • Abraham – Promise of a son. It took 25 yrs. 
  • Joseph – Promise he would be a great ruler. It took 14 yrs. 
  • Moses – Promise he would set his enslaved people free. It took 80 yrs.
  • Job – Restored after his huge calamities. It took 65 yrs. 

End game: What’s your BIG dream look like?  What does it look like at it’s highest potential — in your wildest dreams. Then work backwards. Think, “What can I do this decade, this year, this month, this week — TODAY — to bring me one step closer to realizing it!” Plan it out the best you can. You won’t know how everything is going to work out. Often heading toward your dream is like trying to find your car keys, at midnight, with all the lights turned off. You’re going to have walk-blindly sometimes.

If you feel stuck take the next logical (or gut-level) step. Do something. If you don’t know how everything is going to work out, don’t sweat it. Most dreamers have gaps in “the plan,” but they know that when they take the next step they will have a better spectate of what the next steps may be. Don’t let the unknowns of the future, paralyze you today. The truth is that most of us usually know what the next step toward our dream might be. The difference between those who see their dreams come to pass and those who don’t, is the ability to consistently take the next step over time.

Take the next step toward your dream today!


30 Second Challenge:

Write down the possible next steps on a pad of paper or electronic device. Prioritize them and make a plan how your will accomplish the next step.  (If you feel stuck, set up a meeting with someone who is currently experiencing a dream similar to yours or buy their book!)

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