Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 2)

Work Hard. Stay humble. (Part 2)

In a million ways, leadership means responsibility. If you are leading anything, than you are ultimately responsible for it’s growth (or lack thereof). A wise leader understands that growing (developing) your team is how organizational growth occurs. Growing people and growing your organization are inseparable. If you want to achieve big goals, the only way that’s going to happen is through a team effort. BIG dreams are achieved by BIG teams. 

A leaders job (of a youth group, business, church, department etc.) is to develop other leaders. Another way to say this is: Responsible leaders are responsible for developing other responsible leaders. 

As stated, it’s imperative for a leader to train their team to take responsibility. The best way to develop responsibility in those you lead — as is true in almost everything — is to model it. Humility can accelerate this.

A humble leader will publicly take responsibility for any loss and will publicly praise the team for every success. (This doesn’t mean there aren’t private developmental discussions with team members who dropped the ball, need improvement etc.)

Making this humble practice a principle will not only accelerate the development of your team into responsible leaders (thus, helping achieve those BIG dreams), but, all-the-while, your team will love you for it — talk about building a foundation of trust and loyalty! As we’ll talk about in my next post (part 3), humility will take you to the top and keep you there!

30 Day Challenge: 

For one month, look for opportunities to publicly praise your team for successes and take responsibility for losses.

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