Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 1)

Work Hard. Stay Humble. (Part 1)

Humility is a leaders greatest tool. Humility can turn adversity into opportunities to build trust. And trust, is the currency of leadership. Influence (leadership) ceases to exist without trust. People do not follow those they don’t trust. Do you?

Now being trustworthy as a leader, doesn’t mean you’ll lead perfectly. No one expects that from a leader. All leaders make mistakes, even the trustworthy ones. Mistakes are inevitable. That’s why every leader must learn to wield humility as a weapon. It can even transform an adverse situation created by the leader of a team, into an opportunity for that same leader to gain greater trust with that same team. In the next several posts, we’ll tease this out. Let’s start with the foundation:


A humble leader honors up — down — and all around. In other words, they honor everyone. Simply stated, honor means treating another with respect. As a follower of Jesus, I am charged to treat everyone with honor, because they are intrinsically valuable to God. The book of Genesis describes humans being made in the very image of God. Every citizen of humanity deserves honor.

Honor reminds leaders to treat everyone as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, no matter what role they play in an organization (or in life). From custodian to CEO, all deserve honor and respect. People sense a leader’s honoring (or dishonoring) mind-set. It shows up in the decisions they make, their interactions with others and their attitude. If a leader doesn’t honor others, they lose the respect of those who follow them. This is something most will never say to their leader’s face, but will surely discuss behind their back. (Smile.)  The Law of Honor teaches that the more honor and respect a leader gives away, the more they are honored and respected!

When a leader chooses to honor, it’s like depositing trust in the “trust-bank” of each team member. In the future, when adversity rises and you need your team or organization to take a big-leap-of-faith with you. A reservoir of trust will be there to make a large trust-withdrawal.

 Honor up — down — and all around!

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