My Secret Addiction

Everyone has a weakness. Everyone is prone to seek comfort in something that isn’t the Comforter (God). Whether it’s alcohol, sex, work, entertainment or porn, humans turn to things that give them a taste of transcendence, but are not transcendent. That’s how addictions begin. One keeps returning to something that once gave them a feeling […]

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Character & Capability

In my early 20’s, I (Joel) received a simple, yet powerful revelation during a time of prayer and fasting. It’s been a guiding compass ever since. Here’s the gist of what I experienced: In my mind, I saw a sports car racing up a freshly paved mountain road. The car quickly ascended the twisting highway with […]

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Captivating Communication (part 2)

Downloading Videos FREE! So where do you find thousands of videos you can download for free? My favorite place to go is  With literally millions of videos posted, you’re bound to find some media that’s relevant to your message. And one great thing about YouTube is that you can search topically (just like […]

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Captivating Communication (part 1)

Over the next few posts, I will be sharing on one of my favorite topics ever, communication. If you’re going to speak — don’t just communicate — captivate! One of the easiest ways to do so, is by using a little multimedia. I use videos, pictures, movie clips and/or some other multi-media medium almost every time I speak. I have a […]

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