How to Triple your Youth Group in 13 Months: Lead a Youth Movement

What’s the difference between a youth program and a youth movement? Programs are often launched quickly and with a plethora of promotions. We’ve all seen the youth group flyers, posters or social media posts promoting a new teen bible study, activity or event. The church or youth group hypes it up, crosses it’s fingers and hopes this will be the “one” that finally brings “revival!” Generally, programs start with a bang, fizzle, fall (in attendance) then fail.  Program run youth ministries then look for the next big program to get teens motivated to come back again.

Conversely, movements start small, but grow extremely large. It takes time; but once critical mass is achieved, it explodes! Movements are organic. It’s the difference between planting seeds in a garden and buying artificial flowers. It’s like when an athlete builds muscles mass using steroids and another athlete chooses to eat right, work out and build muscle over time. One is artificial, one is authentic. Youth movements are authentic moves of God that last. My leadership team, volunteers, Casey (my wife) and I have had a front row seat to watch an amazing youth movement unfold before us. We saw our youth group, Vertical, triple in 13 months and it continues to grow! (Discover more about the Vertical Movement, click here.)

My desire is to see every church triple their youth group in 13 months. The purpose of this blog is to provide the opportunity to equip every youth leader with the expertise to do just that. I don’t believe there would be anything more pleasing to God, than seeing a million local youth movements sparking across the globe.

Two key ingredient to sparking a youth movement in your area is developing communities and environments that youth want to be associated with. When you do this effectively and consistently, what will emerge is a dynamic youth culture — that’s irresistible to teens.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be defining what it means to create irresistible communities, environments and culture. So stay tuned!

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